Haliburton Area Loop

Stop 1
Brian Nash, Haliburton Solar and Wind
1071 Dardanelles Road, Haliburton

This property showcases affordable renewable energy solutions and is completely off the grid. It is an example of how technology can lessen environmental impact on the planet.  Brian's home and garden are the true essence of green living.  His passion and knowledge have led to the creation of Haliburton Solar and Wind, where Brian provides affordable renewable energy solutions to residents and businesses in the Haliburton Highlands.

Stop 2
Oliver Zielke
1148 Tattersal Road, Haliburton

This property is an example of a 10 Kilowatt Micro FIT system which provides a steady income for the full extent of a 20 year contract with Hydro One.   Although he provides energy to the hydro grid,and receives an income, he must still pay a monthly electricity bill.

Stop 3
4 C’s Sustainable Building
33 York St. Haliburton

Earth bag SFP foundation, earth plastered hemp bale walls, 1kW grid-tied PV, solar hot water, earthen floors with radiant heat, recycled insulations, solar light tubes, triple glazed fibreglass windows, passive solar orientation, non-toxic finishes, compressed strawboard, hemp crete & pop bottle partition walls, locally milled lumber, earth tube ventilation, light clay/straw walls, and more…

Highlands East Area Loop

Stop 4
Nick and Liz Case
1555 Contau Lake, Gooderham

This property is an example of how going off the grid is attainable for individual households.  They use a combination of two wood stoves, a generator, solar panels, and propane to generate heat and electricity.

Stop 5
Josh and Heather Bramham
1563 Farr Rd.  (Essonville Line and Farr Rd), Wilberforce

This property features an off-grid system, powered by wind turbine with a propane back up generator.  Solar panels are currently being added to the system.  A compact, efficient design (1200 sq ft.) utilizes the benefits of passive solar.  This home was built from locally harvested pine logs, which are renewable from managed forests and has incorporated reused building materials (i.e. kitchen, bathroom fixtures). 

Stop 6
Wilberforce Library
2307 Loop Road, Wilberforce

Sustainable building course is currently on-site as the building is in progress. Features include: Rain Water Collection (to be used by adjacent Community Garden) Air Source Heat Pump Four different wall systems using natural infill (Hempcrete, Straw, Blown Cellulose, Clay Straw Slip) Timber Framed (Local Timbers) Arbour with living roof Locally milled siding Natural Plasters Triple Pane Windows Passive Solar Window Alignment and as they say...much, much more. 
Minden Area Loop

Stop 7
Kegel Heating and Cooling
1570-1572 Little Hawk Lake Road (Shalom)

Come see an operating solar hot water heating system designed to supplement domestic hot water production all year round as well as supplement heating system in fall/winter/spring. This system runs 100% off the sun, including pumps and controls. Other solar water heating systems including pool heating panels and seasonal use panels will also be on display.

Stop 8
Kinark Sustainable Living Centre
Queen’s Line, Minden


Earth bag SFP foundation, AGS heating, waste wood structural columns, round timber framing, earth plastered hemp bale walls, light clay/straw walls, sheep’s wool insulation, recycled door cur-out insulation, earth bag mass wall withy radiant heating, off-grid PV electrical system, solar hot water, eastern white cedar shingles, cordwood wall, earthen floor, rainwater harvesting, Eco-flow septic system, clay countertops, passive solar orientation and more…

West Guilford Area Loop

Stop 9
Haliburton Forest and Wild Life Reserve - Sawmill
3798 Kennisis Lake Road, across from West Shore Drive

Come to the Sawmill at Haliburton Forest and see how Biochar is made!  Biochar is created from leftover wood material produced by sawmills (i.e. woodchips, sawdust, and bark) through a process known as ‘pyrolysis’.  Pyrolysis refers to the heating of wood in the absence of oxygen. Biochar has proven benefits when added to soils, such as improved plant growth and carbon sequestration. Biochar-additions are being monitored in recently logged forest sites and backyard gardens.

Stop 10
Derek Zoldy
1070 Bushwolf Lake Road, Eagle Lake

This property is an Off Grid Solar Confederation Log Home with no dependency on Hydro One.  Once established there was a need  to expand the system to accommodate the energy needs.  The system is now a 1.8 Kilowatt system which meets current electricity needs.

Stop 11
Abbey Gardens
1012 Garden Gate Drive

Geothermal Heating and Cooling, Radiant Floor Heating, Rainwater Collection, Living (green) Roof, Solatube Solar Light Tubes, Locally Milled lumber, Triple Glazed Inline Fiber Glass Windows, Non-Toxic Finishes, Timber Framed Entrance, Site-installed Straw bale with lime plaster finish on exterior, Clay plaster finish on interior, refabricated straw bale wall sections from Nature Built Walls Systems, Woodchip-clay infill system, Wattle and daub infill with lime plaster finish at timber frame entrance.

Stop 12
Limnion - Lorne Heise
1095 Green Lake Rd.

LIMNION Geothermal Transfer Systems is home to industry leading research and development of an expanding range of renewable energy products. The LIMA-1 in-water technology is a unique product which utilizes the endless supply of solar energy which moves through our lakes, rivers and oceans to heat and cool homes and buildings. We are currently constructing a world class research and development facility at our location at the Stanhope Municipal Airport Business Park.

Stop 13
Jamie Nash
1417 McPhail Road, Algonquin Highlands

Jamie renovated his property and put in a Net Metering System.  The system provides energy to the Hydro grid that can be banked for months where energy production on site is low.  The net metering system reduces the dependency on energy from Hydro One and shields the property owner from fluctuations in the cost of hydro.